I am a self-taught photographer that started in film and darkroom printing, as well as portrait and studio lighting at Sheridan College. But it wasn't long before digital was the new norm. Working for wedding photography studios was the natural move. Over time with my in the field experience, continued on line courses and books, I now find myself in my 19th year growing in this amazing medium. I recently attended a transforming 5-day photography workshop in Chicago.
My goal and passion has always been to make you look your best creating photos that look natural and reveal a story, whether it's a wedding, family, or business portrait.

The very things we love, we show freely through our passions. That gives me the inspiration to chase it with camera in hand.

I am a professional wedding and portrait photographer.

I want to create images that tell a story through my passion of photography, whether it's weddings, family, or business portraits. What attracts me are the rewards that come with spontaneity and discovery. A pose can be good, an expression with emotion can be great, put both together and they becomes a very powerful tool in creating meaningful images. Everybody benefits when the passion is fired up on both sides of the camera.



Please contact me for a free phone or in person consultation at 519 - 760 - 4073




Spontaneous artful images


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