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Professional Headshots


A business image, should carry that success appeal online. After all, that is often where first impressions are made. The problem is, most people don't like their headshot, which often makes you feel like you’ve wasted your time and money. But the fact is it isn’t necessary for you to be photogenic. It shouldn’t totally be up to you to know what to wear or how to pose and how to act in front of the camera - that fortunately is the photographer’s job.

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Your Consultation

After reserving your consultation, we will discuss your photography needs, expectations, and pricing. This 30-minute discussion will help determine if we are a good fit for your photography goals and whether or not to move forward into the design process.

Photo Shoot

Once you are ready for your photoshoot to begin, you will be carefully coached and guided through beautiful posing. We will be there to make sure your photos are taken according to the plan. All you need to do is enjoy your day and allow yourself to be in the moment. 


IAfter your photoshoot, we will pick the best based on the expectations you gave during your design session. We will work hard to retouch and edit your final images to perfection and show you at your best. 

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