Redefining the Comfort Zone...

Weather its a an Acting portfolio, a Business heat shot, or a personal, or beauty portrait, part of my work flow is to show my client how things are going, as I go.

I know when things are working and when I am in my element creating good stuff. That's when I can't wait to show them and give them a lift, because it helps to clear any discomforts and misconceptions, in fact it empowers them. We have the capacity to learn, I shoot tethered so we can see together, they can see the image when things are wrong, I will discus it with them, I can say this is great but we can do a little something here, a little something there, tweak it a little. We get back in there because now they have a really good idea of what they are getting, they let there guard down and now we start to get some great stuff.

Not many of us at first are not comfortable in front of the camera. When you make someone laugh when you teach them something they will remember it.

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