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The poetics, on both sides of the lens

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

How this photo has taken...

Most of the lighting was supplied by nature and the golf club management. The sky was clearing after a down pour with the clouds were dispersing allowing the rich twilight blues to come through, most of the time things seem to ride on intuition for me. The camera was set to an ISO of around 1200 camera mounted on a tripod 1/50th of a second at f4, but best to experiment with that. The picture was taken low to the ground emphasizing the scene, with the wet reflection of the soaked wood of the board walk.

I used a Nikon D750 hand held, with a Speed light and light stand to the left of the couple, with a small beauty bowl and a warming filter.

It was slaved with a flash trigger system. I used a Sigma 35 mm 1.4 wide angle set at f4 to capture the scene.

I had some time to relax and I went out side after a down pour. At this time I new the wedding couple were pretty much tired of formal picture taking, but when I saw how the night sky was darkening with the deep blue and with the incandescent Christmas lights draped around the gazebo, well I new this was going to be a great picture opportunity. some how I had to get the bridal couple to leave the fun. It didn't take much to ask a near by couple to pose when we saw the drama unfolding. I showed the photo to the bride and groom they knew this would be good memory for them. People don't always see your vision at first so its important to communicate your ideas even if you are not a 100% sure, showing your enthusiasm is contagious and learning to trust your intuition can be a very powerful tool in making dramatic images.

There was a total of two Images of the gazebo and background by itself, and chose one with the couple with the flash set-up. By doing this I could easily erase the flash and light stand with the first scene behind on the bottom layer. then later added some enhancements to the overall scene. With some experience this becomes an automatic response to many potential situations, that with a little observation and planning can be fairly easily created in post possessing.

For any event I would always have two camera bodies. Some lenses would be like a 35mm, 70/200 and a 20mm wide angle. I like to using prime lens when ever possible for great quality...I can be the zoom. A tri-pod, and a couple of extra lite tri-pods can use as adjustable light stands for more rugged terrain. A small swatch of light correction gels, two or more speed lights with modifiers and some radio slaves.

If you are not that familiar learn how to use off camera flash in your photography. I go on line were there are lots of free tutorials or paid courses. Invest in a speed light and light stand. Learn how to use commander mode or radio slaves (lots of on line tutorials) I found so much inspiration from ViewBug looking at other photographers work and getting ideas.