Updated: Oct 21, 2020

I find after a certain age we start to get really hard on ourselves. We look in the mirror and all we see is, aging, grey hair, gaining weight and a double chin...and it stops us from wanting to get in front of the camera.  Most people would agree with me, but they still don't think they can have great portraits. I can make it fun and easy because it's not your job to be photogenic or good in front of a camera. It's my job to pose and direct you, so you can finally have photos that you will feel are a success, by looking amazing, strong, and feeling proud of. People come to a photo shoot because maybe they want to celebrate their age or time in life, or maybe you just need photos for your website for work, or maybe you want something with your immediate family, daughter, sister, or best friend. Experience my art john wood in creating images for your professional needs.

You may know me and my passion to be out there creating memorable moments in the great outdoors. This is no exception fall colours are exploding all around us and depending on the nature of things they may get better, or be gone before you know it. If you are near Guelph, I am hosting Fall Portraits in the Park. This doesn't mean just families. Singles and couples are welcome too. But the groups can be no bigger than 5 members at a time. Please have a look at the video; it's pretty self explanatory. This could be the session for you because I can produce a lot of images very quickly with style and emotion. I always say when you are ready, it will happen, and I will be ready to deliver some beautiful moments that will hold your memories for a long time, even after I'm gone. Let's make a date. I am planning for next weekend and maybe the one after that. If you are interested, contact me at info@johnwoodphotography.biz to book a time

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