Session Fee


 1. After reserving your consultation, we will discuss your photography needs, expectations, and pricing. This 30-minute discussion will help determine if we are a good fit for your photography goals and whether or not to move forward into the design process.


2.IAt your design session, we plan and design everything in your photoshoot, including concept, wardrobe, styling, location, and everything you need to make sure your photoshoot goes as planned. We take the time to learn more about you, your goals for the final product, and exactly how you would like to be captured.


3. After your design session, you will receive a detailed concept and prep plan with instructions on how to get ready for your photo shoot.


4. On the day of your photoshoot, you will be pampered and prepped with professional hair & makeup services and you will feel absolutely amazing! Once the styling is complete, you will be confident, empowered, and ready to rock your photoshoot. 


5. Once you are ready for your photoshoot to begin, you will be carefully coached and guided through beautiful posing. We will be there to make sure your photos are taken according to the plan. All you need to do is enjoy your day and allow yourself to be in the moment.


6. After your photoshoot, we will go through every image from your day and handpick the best of the best based on the expectations you gave during your design session. We will work hard to retouch and edit your final images to perfection and show you at your best. This takes up to 3 weeks.


7. Once your images are ready to be viewed, you will be shown 25 of the best images from your day. During this time you will choose how many images you would love to purchase but we warn you, it will be difficult to choose only one! My challenge is to is to make you look better than you have ever looked in your entire life, we work hard to make sure you love them all, your challenge is to resist...


8. After you have chosen your favorite images and selected your collections, your order is processed and finalized for creation. Once your order arrives, we contact you to schedule a time for a special delivery of your images!

Portrait Session Includes

Design Consultation


Professional Hair & Makeup


Wardrobe and Styling Changes


Fully Guided Photoshoot


Professional Retouching

Portrait Reveal and Order Session



Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

Please go to my contact page or call me at 519 760-4073,  

What days do you shoot?

My photo shoots are scheduled on, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The time slots are from 9 am - 12 pm and 2 pm - 5 pm.   

How long does the shoot take?

Depending on scheduling, the complete job can take between 2 - 4 weeks.

Is hair and make-up optional?

Yes, it is optional... but it's in your best interest because it will make the photoshoot go easier when there is a stylist on set. You will be pampered with a fabulous makeover, and she can also assist with makeup touch-ups and changes, and make sure your wardrobe is adjusted while posing. This makes the retouching process much easier because she understands how makeup for photoshoots should look. If you love the natural look and not wear any makeup at all then that's okay too, I think a natural and raw shoot is all good as well!

Sharing and privacy policy

I only share photos and behind the scenes of clients who have given me written permission.

Do you offer digitals?

Digitals are the same price as prints. Every image you purchase comes with a digital file and print.

What should I wear?

I will help you figure that out when we talk at your design consultation. We will go over options based on how you want to be photographed and I will help you through the entire process.

Will I look like me?

Yes, you will because most of the work doesn't involve retouching, it's mostly done through posing, guiding, great lighting, and styling. When I retouch your images, I am doing so with a skilled and cautious touch keeping it to what I call " catching you on a good day" As far as I am concerned you are already beautiful and totally yourself I just work on lightening harsh shadows, blemishes, wrinkles and any problem areas we spoke about in your design session.