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Up In The Air?

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

I was hired as a second shooter for this wedding, and my first assignment was to photograph the groom and ushers (for some reason everybody does that to you). I met up with them and introduced myself as their photographer.

I got an idea for a shot I had seen in a magazine, and I started explaining it but they just looked at me sideways. I continued to pursue the idea and I explained, you guys hold the groom horizontal face down across your joined arms and on 3 you toss him up in the air, and I will lay on the ground to shoot up and catch him in mid flight. Our groom said he liked the idea. After a couple moments of organizing, we finally worked it out. They threw him up about 3 times and bingo we got a shot. When I showed it to them they were amazed at what we had created! Everybody had a new sense of value of how much fun photography can really be.

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