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Just be A Little Adventurous...

I have this adventurous side and I always loved the idea of doing things like photographing couples in the moonlight with a waterfall background, and here is an example. I took this couple and did their engagement photo in front of these tiny little falls in Rockwood about 7 years ago. All we did was bring some bug spray and wear an old pair of shoes, and walk under the bridge in ankle-deep water to the falls! I didn't have the best equipment then I only had studio lights, so I used a rather weak flashlight, It looks nice but a little soft, but now I have powerful portable lights. So here is my suggestion, to this being the finale of your photoshoot wear your bathing suit under your outfit we could meet at 7 pm to do some park shots and if you feel up to it we could check out how we could do this safely. This is one of the many fascinations that draws me to this medium...

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