Caught Between a High Place and Big Dream

Recently I did these graduation photos. She wanted it taken at the Guelph University Griffin statue. When we met I explained that this is a very special time in her life and she should present this image as a visual testament to her achievement. Because if you just stash it on your phone it will lose its significance and then get buried under many pictures over time. My suggestion was to immortalize it as a wall portrait for everyone to enjoy or save a set in a folio box. I wanted to provide ideas to put this experience into something that could be passed down as an heirloom that would outlast all of our lives, together. On meeting them I knew this girl was very excited to do this shoot. My first thought was I can't wait to capture the emotions you're showing...and what kind of photos have you dreamed of having? She looked at her boyfriend and looked at me, and just welled up with excitement and enthusiasm; her biggest dream was being photographed sitting on top of the Griffin!! She was willing to scale this slippery bass mountain so she could proudly display what must have felt like an eternity of hard work, sweat, and tears to symbolize one of her biggest life's achievements. But she was determined and that determination culminated with these memories. For more information and interesting images contact:

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