Enthusiasm is contagious

Reflexing back, I had some time to relax during dinner at a wedding venue. I went outside after some rain and noticed how the evening twilight was darkening with that familiar  rich deep blue. Just at that moment I gazed over at the gazebo that I had used as a prop earlier in the day. It was now glowing with the warmth of the incandescent lights draped around it, it looked stunning the way the warm yellow tones complemented the sky and since everything was still wet it added drama. I knew that this magic moment would only last about 10 or 15 minutes. I had a great photo opp here and had to move quickly. The trick was to get the bridal couple to see my vision and leave the fun, but first I saw a couple strolling nearby and invited them to pose and offered to reconnect with them later. I showed the photo to the bride and groom and they saw the potential too. People don't always see your vision at first, so it's important to communicate your ideas especially how your creative intuition works, even if you are not 100% sure because you are never really sure until you try it, that's what makes enthusiasm so contagious!     

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