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The Best Moments Happen When There Unplanned

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

What excites many photographers about weddings, is the ebb and flow of spontaneous moments that present themselves throughout every wedding shoot. To reflect back on one of my own...Dinner was about to be served. I noticed as the evening sky was darkening, the rain clouds began parting, revealing that familiar rich deep blue, and what caught my attention was the gazebo was now glowing from the incandescent lights, emphasizing the subtle warm tones, (they were yelling at me!) how they complemented the sky, and as a bonus the remaining moisture after a brief rain, added a shimmer to the scene. This serendipeodus college of nature would only last few more minutes. This presented an even bigger challenge I had to put together a flash, and stand, to prevent our wedding couple from being overwheelmed by the background. I had to quickly convince the bridal couple to leave the fun to realize this rare fleeting moment.

It's so important to be ready when unique moments like this can just suddenly happen at any event. At the consultation when I meet with couples, we work through and all the important the aspects of the wedding day even for moments that are unplanned!

This Barn reception with its outdoor amenities was taken with my first 6 megapixel camera!


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