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Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Hello, Here is a topic for you. Some aspiring opportunities to create beautiful imagery, to say something with pet owners portraits, and larger venues like a Therapeutic Equine Centre, that can come out of the blue. So when something new comes along it can throw another curve ball at you. But you do it just the same, for the love of the moment and that goes for shooting horses for the first time. Horses, of course, are a different breed, they tend to analyze you on more levels than just your anxiety, if it's your first time. But also with how you are emotionally around them. like if you have a real love for them. If you make them anxious like I did from wheeling around light stands, umbrellas and flash heads, that nearly caused a stampede, but after a while they realized my innocent intent through my fathan around was to make beautiful images of them, they did finally relax. It's not just that particular horse you effect, I was informed that they are herd animals, so whatever they feel, it transmits to all the horses in the vicinity.

Anita, my niece loves horses, came out to one such place just outside Guelph, Sunrise TherapeuticRiding & Learning Centre. Puslinch, Ontario. She always had an affinity with animals, she told me she would love to go riding or even just visit a petting zoo. When this opportunity came to produce some promotional shots especially in these covid times I thought yes I must bring her too, and her love for the horses and her comment "We Bonded" really made the owner and staffs day.

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