Graduating to the Road Ahead

Updated: Feb 16

Daniel loves the the outdoors, just give her a spot with a small brook and some foliage and she is in her element. This was the perfect place for her graduation portraits. In these images I suggested some positions and compositions, while adding a little splash of my portable lights. You can have a preference of where to be photographed or, you may be inspired with a couple of ideas like Daniel here, Whats important to me is to have everyone in there comfort zone and once we started she knew how to express her natural kinship with nature. We had a great time working together and came away with some beautiful photos, photos that expressed her time in life, and added confidence to her vision . My passion for photography has led me to senior and graduation portraits, contemporary portraits, and family portraits. We all want to share our celebrations of life and I would love to be there to them a reality. My passion for portraits has developed over the 20 plus years and when this genre emerged I recognized a desire to reveal to others, their true personal being, that beauty we all possess and to embrace, that is my chase. Whether inside a studio or on location, you will be investing in Professionally enhanced and edited images designed for multi-media use. I have many years of experience and love the challenge of putting people and products in their best light.

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